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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Evaluate the program

In this TV show I learned a lot of new expressions and words, like jokes they made whit words. Also, I can understand more easily people when they talk to me in English. I can understand faster what they say on TV. I will recommend watching this series to all students who want to learn English because they use a lot of different words and expressions. Also, this is an action show and very funny to. The actors are very good and they make good episodes each week. But if you want to watch it, I suggest you start at the beginning because you risk being lost about what is happening in the show because there are a lot of connections to make that are very important for you to

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Alias : Vaughn

I was writing about what Sydney had found for a mission in Moscow, when she told me a man who she gave the files to was a big target for the destruction of SD-6. Also, she told me the SD-6 had these supplies of weapons at Menphis in Egypt. I was very surprised to learned about that. I continued to write what she learned about SD-6.After a few months, she came back to me for a other report. Sydney had found a nuke bombe and she didn’t call me she called the SD-6 first , I was relly angry because she didn’t call me. We didn’t have that bomb yet because the SD-6 had sold the bomb to a man in Cairo. So I decided to give to Sydney a special mission to recover the bomb.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


In the second episode of Alias, Sydney where to destroy the SD-6 with the help of Vaughn, but in a mission for the SD-6 where she was a double agent, she went to Moscow to bring back a stoler document. But that was a document that gave the instructions for access to a nuclear bomb. She gave this information to Vaugh. They had a big problem, Vaugh learned the bomb was going to Cairo. Sydney went there to pick up the plutonium in the bomb . When she was there, a big surprise happened when she took the plutonium, she had a gun at her head. That was it for the second episode of Alias.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Tv program: Alias

The tv program that I chose is Alias played by Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow. She’s average student but she also has a double life as a secret agent for the CIA. I chose this program because this is a good action and funny tv show. I hope to learn some new words and hope to understand English faster. I know that in Alias they have a lot of characters, like Michael Vartan who plays a argent of the CIA named Michael Vaughn, there’s also the father of Sydney named Jack Bristow who is played by Victor Garber and they are the main actors. The main conflict for Sydney is that she’s working for the enemy she thinks she was fighting and now she needs to become a double agent to fight this enemy.